White lotus grows inside Audrey Tautou – Mood Indigo preview

After this week’s premiere of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (review here) follows another promising adaptation next week: Mood Indigo was based on French avantgarde artist Boris Vian’s absurdly funny and heartbreaking novel, Foam of the Daze or Froth of the Daydream (in French, L’Écume des Jours).

One of the most moving love stories of the past century features adorable Audrey Taoutou (The Fabulous Life of Amelie Poulain) in the role of Chloé, the fragile heroin who figures out she has a white lotus flower growing in her lungs after she marries bohemian musician and inventor Colin, played by Romain Duris.

Probably every Erasmus or any other ex-exchange student in Europe knows Duris from the movie The Spanish Apartment or L’Auberge Espagnole. I am not too fond of his hyperactive acting style,  so I am looking forward this movie with slight tension.

Tautou already made a lovable movie, Priceless with comedian Gad Elmaleh, “the French Woody Allen”, and I am curious to see dashing Omar Sy again, whose breakthrough role was the African caretaker of the rich French paraplegic in The Intouchables, the biggest French box office hit in recent years.

Mood Indigo was directed by French creative mastermind Michel Gondry, who boasts quite an exciting career: he made creepy music videos for Björk, Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers, indie comedies like Be Kind Rewind and a not very successful action movie, The Green Hornet. His most famous work so far is the brilliant love story Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which brought him an Oscar for best original screenplay in 2005, and gives us high hopes regarding the Boris Vian adaptation.

Can’t wait to see how he transmitted all the wonderful surrealistic details of the novel on screen, for example, when Chloé’s condition starts getting worse, the walls of their home begin to shrink… Or Colin’s awesome piano, which mixes drinks according to the mood of the tunes played on it.

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